About Us

Solemates Inc. was founded in 1989, so that Naot Footwear of Israel could be introduced into the Canadian marketplace.  

The company began by selling the shoes in health food stores as a way to introduce the brand to the country.  Naot is proudly supplied across Canada through various independent retailers and chain stores, and it is also sold in our 9 Naot Brand Retail stores.  These are conveniently located in Vancouver, BC, Calgary, Alberta, Montreal, Quebec, and in Toronto and surrounding regions in Ontario.


What makes Naot so successful is that they are handmade, styled and dedicated to bringing both FASHION  and COMFORT to the wearer.

Everyone’s heart and soul is in this brand, from the designers and the manufacturer in Israel on Kibbutz Naot Mordechai, to the distributors, and finally to the retailers. Because they are so comfortable, your feet cannot help but fall in love with them!

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And it’s all about the unique anatomical footbed…

it is a “negative” print of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand.  It is flexible, soft, shock absorbant, supports the heel and alleviates fatigue and pain.  The footbeds are made of natural cork and latex, and are covered in pampering suede.  With wear, this unique footbed molds to the bottom of your foot, giving it a custom feel, and ultimate barefoot comfort.   The uppers are made of fine quality Italian leathers.

Naot is an international success story.  

When the members of Kibbutz Mordechai founded the kibbutz shoe factory in 1942 as a one room workshop, no one imagined that in fifty years’ time, their shoes would be worn all over the world.  The small shoe factory that made simple work shoes and sandals has become an international business and now hundreds of people all around the world are employed through Naot.

It is no wonder Naot means OASIS!

Follow the journey in the factory, and take the time to watch our video

The Story of Naot: