Signature Footbed

Naot Footwear Provides Ultimate and Original Comfort and Support


What makes us so special? It’s our Signature Footbed

About The Naot Signature Footbed

The NAOT Footbed is specially engineered from natural materials – cork and latex – and wrapped in fine suede to absorb moisture and provide the ultimate comfort for your feet. It is constructed to anatomically support and align your feet, and thus your skeletal structure, to maximize your overall physical health. Here we have a close-up look at our Basic Footbed and a diagram which shows all of the ways in which the footbed is supporting your foot.

Photo: Dorith, from our popular Piatta Collection.

Cross Section of the Footbed – A Closer Look

From the diagram shown, you can see that the footbed is comprised of a combination of latex and cork, which gives the shoe or sandal the ultimate comfort and support for your feet and body.

Latex Sponge Layer
This layer provides the padding and caressing softness which can be felt the instant you try them on.

Breathable Suede Covering
The NAOT Footbeds are wrapped in breathable fine suede, giving a luxurious feel to the bottom of your feet, but also providing absorption which keeps moisture away from your feet.

Cork Layer
This layer is the essential component, providing flexibility, durability, and shock absorption. This component is made of a unique, high quality blend of cork and latex (natural rubber), giving it the flexibility and shock absorbing qualities, as well as long term durability.

Anatomy of the Footbed Diagram1

The Road to Comfort: