Footprint on tan sand beach with calm surf nearby

Why Choose NAOT?

It is an iconic image for us…the footprint in the sand.  For 70 years, we have been bringing the world the most comfortable footwear, from Israel to your very own feet.  Naot lovers call it barefoot comfort, because as you wear your shoe or sandal, your very own footprint remains on the footbed, creating a custom comfort like no other.


Leathers (Small)


At Naot, we use only the finest Italian leathers in the construction of our footwear.  Our team of designers research and follow all of the hottest trends in fashion to ensure that they bring you only the best colours, textures and quality in each and every style that you have to choose from.  Next, the leathers are carefully handcrafted and used in unique combinations and styles to make your footwear extra special.